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> После пяти лет ожидания какой бы то ни было активности от R48C и
> безуспешных попыток с ним связаться, Вард удалил регион 2:48 (Польша) из
> нодлиста.

* From : FidoNews Robot, 2:2/2 (07 Августа 2023 00:18)
* Subj : FidoNews 40:32 [02/08]: General Articles
                        GENERAL ARTICLES

Purging R48 Poland from the Nodelist
Ward Dossche - 2:292/854

After close to 5 years of inactivity R484s participation in
Fidonet has become highly ineffective.

The RC has been inactive for years, no new segments were

Attempts were made to get in touch via most any technology
available .. netmail, echomail, direct, routed, email, even
the Fidonet Facebook-group; but no-one was able to get in
contact and ensure continuity. The only method not attempted
was carrier-pigeon.

So, with a heavy heart; R48 Poland will be deleted from the
nodelist again (at one time it was already gone). If the
situation s and the region becomes viable again; that
could  but for the moment it is what it is.

I do not believe in placeholder sysops, a methodology which
may be preferred elsewhere, but choose an as clean as
possible nodelist.



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