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> В завтрашнем нодлисте все узлы из R48 (Польша) будут переведены в Down,
> поскольку уже около 5 лет с ними нет связи.

* From : Ward Dossche, 2:292/854 (22 Мая 2023 13:11)
* Subj : R48
As of tomorrow in the Z2DAILY all the nodes of R48 have been put "Down".

There has not been a single mutation the past 5 years, not a single contact,
mail is not collected and can't be delivered. RC48 nor any other person in or
outside of the region has responded when I raised the issue in the past.

Hopes this action awakens someone, if that does not happen eventually, the
REGION48 will have to be dropped. This is not Z1 full of place-holders without

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