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> Начато открытое тестирование AfterShock 1.7.3.

* From : Tolik Vdovichev, 2:292/854.180 (19 Марта 2023 22:12)
* Subj : AfterShock 1.7.3 open testing

Version 1.7.3 is sent to open testing and will be available for testers
once review by Google is completed. Navigation between messages is fully
reworked to ViewPager. Also I probably fixed bug #B10 reported by Rudi.

As for 1.7.2, entire mail and echo messaging is affected and requires testing.

#B8 - Fix implicit intent warning reported by Play Console [POSTPONED]
#B9 - Crash due to memory leak when tossing a large amount of bundles [NEW]
#B10 - Message not found while tossing outbound nemail [DONE] [1.7.3]

#F2 - Uuencodes suport [NEW]
#F3 - UTF-8 support [NEW]
#F4 - Dark mode support [NEW]
#F5 - Editing unsent messages [NEW]
#F6 - Search messages [NEW]
#F7 - FSC-0035 REPLYTO support [NEW]
#F8 - Polling schedule [NEW]

#I1 - Faster messages displaying (especially big ones) [NEW]
#I2 - Switch to ViewPager for navigation between mail messages [DONE] [1.7.2]
#I3 - Improve quoting removal [NEW]
#I4 - Quote kludges in a single paragraph [DONE] [1.6.11]
#I5 - First letter capitalization in sentences [DONE] [1.6.11]
#I6 - Mass delete from DUPES and BADMAIL [NEW]
#I7 - Private reply [NEW]
#I8 - Switch to ViewPager for navigation between echo messages [DONE] [1.7.3]
#I9 - Separate indication for new and unread messages [NEW]
#I10 - Sort areas by read status [NEW]
#I11 - Optimize overhead of data reading from areas when reading messages [NEW]

NEW - item is in queue
IN PROGRESS - item is in progress
DONE - item is completed in specified version

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