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> В скором будущем изменится порядок следования зон в нодлисте. Если сейчас
> первой идёт вторая зона, то станет более упорядочено: Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4. Это
> произойдёт в течение сентября.

*  : Ward Dossche, 2:292/854 (22 Августа 2022 09:39)
* Subj : Z2DAILY
This past Saturday and Sunday there has been a test in Z2DAILY with Z1 and Z2
in their numerical sequence ... no-one seems to have noticed, no-one seems to
have been bothered by it.

We're back to Z2 Z1 Z3 Z4 today because I will be away for a few days, with
remote access, but that's too uncomfortable to rely on it. The Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4
sequence will become permanent during the month of September and also Friday's
nodelist is headed that way, in which case it becomes the official mandated
nodelist as per P4.1:

              FidoNet is defined by a NodeList issued weekly by the
              International Coordinator.

Technically in Z2 nobody will be bothered by it unless you run Mickey Mouse

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