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Вард Дошше сообщил, что в связи с дублированием имени файлэхи с ежедневными нодлистами в разных зонах, в Z2 она будет переименована в Z2DAILY. Некоторое время будут ходить обе фэхи. Z2DAILY уже доступна для подписки.


In a coordinated effort to streamline the name-giving of certain file-echoes and what they contain, ZC1 ZC2 and ZC3 [so far] are renaming their DAILYLST-operations.

In zone-2 the DAILYLST will be d to Z2DAILY to avoid duplication of names.

This will not be forced down your throat at a particular moment but there will be a transition-period during which both file distributions remain available.

As at 2:2/0 AKA 2:292/854 there is no filefix or whatever software, the transition will be performed manually by yours truly. Just let me know when you're ready and the switch will be performed. By request, and for as long as the DAILYLST-distribution will be offered, you can remain linked to both as well.

The Z2DAILY is already available for those requesting it.


Ward Dossche

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